Principal Investigator

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and a core member of the Brain and Mind Institute at Western.  My background and training are in cognitive neuroscience and I am broadly interested in many aspects of learning, with a particular interest in how implicit and explicit memory mechanisms contribute to language acquisition.





Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the BrainsCAN program at Western.  I am very interested in how implicit and explicit processes interact in the course of learning and in the development of expertise.  I use a combination of behavioral, computational, and imaging methods to explore these questions.  On the personal side, I enjoy cooking, making and listening to music, and spending quality time with my cats.

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Ph.D. Student

Jerrica Mulgrew is a PhD student in the Cognitive, Developmental and Brain Sciences (CDBS) cluster in the Psychology Department. She completed her B.Sc at Trent University where she studied the relationship between early language and later numeracy skills in preschool children. Now, at Western University, she is examining the relationship between neural entrainment and statistical learning. In her spare time she enjoys playing video games, drawing, playing music, and expanding her plant collection.



M.Sc. Student

Stacey Reyes is a second year MSc student who is interested in the areas of neural entrainment, statistical learning, and attention. In 2014 she completed her honours BA at York University where she studied the role of Sensory Processing in Audiovisual Integration of Speech in Autism. She then attended the MSc program in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University, studying in labs focused on attention and speech perception. With a personal interest in highly stigmatized groups, she was humbled to complete clinical work in forensic mental health in Kingston, Canada’s prison capital. Most recently she worked on an ERP project at University of Toronto Scarborough exploring sensorimotor integration and movement planning in Autism. A Toronto native, Stacey enjoys spending her spare time at Second City and stand-up comedy bars.



M.Sc. Student

Ashwin in a MSc student in Neuroscience studying the role of sleep in memory consolidation.

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M.Sc. Student

I am a first year MSc student in the Psychology program, and I completed my BSc in Psychology at Queen's University in 2019. I spent the past year working at the University of Toronto as a lab manager, conducting research focusing on how children and adults form and alter their memory representations. While here in the lab, I am interested in studying how brain activity during sleep supports learning and memory consolidation, and how that may change over the course of development. Outside of the lab I love to go for walks/runs, bake, and binge Netflix!



MSc Student (co-supervised with Dr. Stefan Kohler)

I joined the lab in 2020 as a Neuroscience MSc student. I received my Bachelor’s degree in 2019 from the University of Toronto where I worked on a research project investigating the relationship between audiovisual integration and object memory. Here at Western University, I’m studying how we discriminate and generalize different inputs in our minds and how the human hippocampus contributes to these two processes. Outside the lab, I enjoy taking walks, playing guitar, and video chatting with friends and family.


Current Undergraduate Honours Students

Sierra Sweet

Aspen Leung

Alex Jairam


Past Lab Members


Stephen Van Hedger, Ph.D.

Melissa Troyer, Ph.D.

Former Undergraduate Honours Students

  • Elise Alexander

  • Kexin (Kathleen) Tang

  • Steven Zhang

  • Amanat Ludhar

  • Mykayla Winspear

  • Kailee Liesemer

  • Isabel Child